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Scratched Up: A Musical Journey

Based on a book of poetry by Bill Siemer

Adapted for Stage by Bill Siemer and Jim Dowling

Performed by

The Scratched Up Players

This work is a true story of an existential journey by a friend who was a seeker.  In his travels and search for whatever it was that might be waiting, he happened upon the Slabs. He stayed there for three or four weeks, living as the “Slabbers” did, whatever the routine, whatever the concerns he noted and documented.  When he returned he wrote a book of poetry for his friends.  Upon reading the book some of us saw a play waiting to be written.  After a few prods and the signing on of a fellow local writer, the play Scratched Up was written and performed. Since the play was first performed music has been added and the format altered to accommodate the music.  And now, it is our pleasure to present Scratched Up: A musical Journey.     

10:59pm, 5-20-2017

10:56pm, 4-30-2017