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Craig Boyer, we are all richer for having known you. 2nd hour-A look at songs played on this program honored at the recent Grammy Awards

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First up this week I wanted to express my deepest sympathies to the family and many, many friends of our colleague and friend Craig Boyer, host of KKRN show The Eclectic Hour. His sudden passing was a great shock to us all and has left us deeply saddened to have lost such a wonderful person who so clearly exemplified all the high qualities we strive to attain in our lives. His friendship and support to me during trying times were primarily responsible for me remaining on the air. In fact I would like to read to you one of many emails of support  and encouragement Craig sent to me over the years. After a recent show Joyce and I did, Craig’s email said:

GREAT SHOW Don & Joyce!  You two hit it out of the park!!   You opened up strong & ended strong and kept up the good stuff throughout. 



With that sort of encouragement, how could one not keep doing their show. And I know I was not alone in receiving support and good words from Craig. He was a really nice guy and was loved by us all. With the deep sadness and anguish I feel, I find it necessary to do what Craig would have done,  escape into my music for a while and remember and  cherish all the good memories I have of this exceptional person. Craig in honor of you we are carrying on. We are all richer for having known you.

As I am sure you are aware, it is necessary to record our shows early. Therefore this is a couple of weeks after the recent Grammys. Some of the music I play received nominations and also Grammys including the Grammy’s highest honor, the Grammy Award for the prestigious  album of the year for all music formats. I will talk about these results and the amazing accomplishments of these artists right after our Billboard top three songs segment in the second hour of this program. Please stay tuned for that.

Thank you for your continuing support of KKRN and this program.

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