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Local Host
Don Cooper
The Smooth Side Of Jazz
Saturdays from 9:00 to 11:00 PM.
Wednesday from 2:00 to 4:00 PM

This link is provided to help find past programs that featured an artist. I sometimes reference these programs by number and this should make it easier to find them in the show archives.The program numbers are listed with the date of the show and the artist. The artists are also listed in alphabetical order by the artists first names.


Thank you KKRN for providing the opportunity to play and talk about the music I love. Before moving north, I lived in San Diego for 28 years. Smooth jazz was very popular on the radio and in the community. I attended many smooth jazz concerts at various venues. My appreciation of this format has continued to increase over the years. When I first moved here, Redding had a smooth jazz station. It is an honor and a challenge for me to share this music that I have come to regard so highly and bring it back to the North state.

My show is divided into segments. Originally during the first part of my shows, I talked about the career of a featured smooth jazz artist and played their music. All are playable from the archives. After my first year, I had covered most of the major artists and saw a need for increased time to play more of the great number of new releases it was our good fortune to be experiencing. Since then during the first hour I play the absolute latest releases in smooth jazz. I still try my best to give you inside information on all the artists I play.

In the middle of the first hour, I will play for you the billboard top three songs in smooth jazz for each week.

During the second hour, I play some great music selected from the classic old from smooth jazz. For my show's closing song, I play a true classic among classics selected from the formative years of smooth jazz. These songs contributed in a large part to the later success of this format.

I would love to hear from you for any reason including requests, comments, suggestions, questions, and yes even criticism.

My email is : SmoothSide@kkrn.org

Thank you for listening,