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Playing a 1973 version of a Stevie Wonder song performed by Stevie at the recent Kennedy Center Honors that is still greatly relevant today

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You never know what you might hear on this program. We are moving away from Smooth Jazz for our final song. This was performed by Stevie Wonder at the recent Kennedy Center Honors at the White House. It was a great program and a real joy to see the White House once again embracing the arts. Initially on hearing this song, I thought it might be new work because it seemed so timely. I checked into it and found that although it very much applies to today, it was done in 1973. Stevie Wonder’s album was very appropriately titled Innervisions. In the 1970’s it became important to Stevie Wonder to embrace a responsibility to social consciousness in his music by weighing in on what was happening in the world around him. Still very pertinent today is the song he performed at the White House. I invite you to listen closely to the lyrics. I particularly like the lyrics “Powers keep on lying while your people keep on dying.” We are playing Stevie Wonder’s song titled Higher Ground.

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