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Chris "Big Dog" Davis's music to Heal The World + The Big Windy Cat from his record setting five Billboard number ones album

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I have a brand new release with a title with a very important meaning. Pianist Chris Big Dog Davis released this single February 28th. It has a timely and timeless message that could be applied to the pandemic or to politics- your choice. This is Heal The World.  Featured on bass is Ace Livingston and with vocals by Dawn Tallman.

For this week's featured artist. let’s visit Chicago where we find the man known as the big windy cat, guitarist Nick Colionne. At age 9 he began to learn guitar from his stepfather, Edward. He quickly developed his ability and had just had too much talent to be held back. By the age of 15 he turned pro, touring all over the world with famous artists and bands. Because he was usually the youngest band member, he would sometimes paint a mascara moustache on his upper lip to make himself look older. He quickly developed an unmistakable sound and vibe that is instantly recognizable and he takes the guitar to unexpected places. Nick Colionne’s charismatic stage presence, combined with his guitar virtuosity, and rich baritone voice make him a very popular performer. Nick Colionne began releasing. Albums in 1994 but his career really took off when he moved to Narada records in 2006 and released the album Keepin’ It Cool. However it was his 2016 release, an unparalleled album titled The Journey, that shattered the record for number one songs from one Smooth Jazz album. The record previously in was three.

Nick’s album produced two number ones in 2016, two more in 2017 breaking the previous record, and the shattered the record with a fifth number one in 2018. I am playing three of those Billboard number ones from The Journey plus my very favorite Nick Colionne song from his other work. The guitar of Nick Colionne performs Say What’s On Your Mind, Morning Call, Uncle Nick, and Sting Like A King B.

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