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Who out there remembers actor Craig T Nelson when he lived in Montgomery Creek? + new releases from Gregg Karukas & Richard Elliot

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To begin I have a quick story unrelated to Smooth Jazz. It was called to my attention that actor Craig T Nelson star of Coach and Parenthood at one time was a resident in our area. In 1973 Nelson left Hollywood where he had been performing standup comedy, explaining "the standup comedy life was pretty unfulfilling for him. He settled in Montgomery Creek, California for a period of contentment in his life that he described as his Waltons period. Nelson had different jobs during that time including janitor, plumber, carpenter, surveyor, and high school teacher. He returned to acting five years later. I know it’s been a long time but is there anyone out there that remembers Craig T Nelson when he was a neighbor in Montgomery Creek. Let me know. I think it would be very interesting to hear about it.

I Have brand new release from pianist Gregg Karukas, his first after a four year hiatus that followed the death of his wife Yvonne. I also have the year’s first release by a Smooth Jazz superstar January 29th by saxophonist Richard Elliot. His new album is titled Authentic Life.

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