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A double listen to new work from Russian-American trumpeter Ilya Serov + sets of music from my three favorite Smooth Jazz artists

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I named The Peet Project’s song Sunday At The Spa this program’s song of 2020. On that song I was pleased to hear Russian-American trumpeter Ilya Serov who helped make that song a great one. Since then I have come across more of Serov’s work. Here is a double listen. First I have a song he released as a single last August titled Chillin’ and then you will hear a brand new song, just released this January, titled Heat. I have heard that very soon this will be a part of a new album release.  Accompanying Serov’s trumpet on Heat is the sax of Dave Koz.

Last week I began playing our first new release of 2021. Thanks to Lazz Promotions for providing this work. Pianist Eric Bikales (Bi’ kales) released this very inspirational album Mandala (mun-dal-uh) January 8th. He is a very versatile artist well known as a composer for TV and film. Perfect for the new year his work includes songs titled for human qualities we should aspire to such as generosity, honesty, love,compassion,  forgiveness, humility and more. This week I have Eric’s song Love.

Thank you for your support of this program and KKRN.

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