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Stay Safe! Jazz star Sarah McKenzie speaks to us about the pandemic in Australia giving us insight into holiday gatherings + lots of Christmas music

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Please allow me a moment to break into your holiday season with some information I consider important as we enter a period of Christmas gatherings . I do recognize the rights of both sides during the pandemic to open up or not open up our society and that there is no correct political position. However, I recently stumbled upon some sobering facts.

Jazz singer, pianist, composer, and international star Sarah McKenzie is from Australia. Many of you know that she stopped by our Redding studio just over one and one-half years ago for a wonderful interview on this program. Recently she called me from Los Angeles to do a follow up interview on the phone which will be broadcast the second week of January. After we finished talking music my last question simply inquired whether she had been able to return home to visit family during the pandemic. As Sarah is so capable of doing, she simply painted a picture for us of exactly how Australia is dealing with the crisis.

As you will see as I play this segment of the interview near the beginning of this week's program, that while Australia is a democratic society, restrictions on its citizens during this pandemic were much more severe. It is not my position to know whether personal freedoms or safety of citizens is more important. I simply wanted to pass along information gleaned from this interview about a country of 25 and one-half million people that has only suffered 908 deaths from COVID. Thanks for bearing with me. Stay safe.

I wish you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas and much happiness in the holiday season. This week after Sarah's interview segment, I will continue to play for you a mix of a wide variety of our favorite Christmas music.

Thank you for your support of this program and KKRN.

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