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Exploring the importance of music during a pandemic and its connection to brain functioning

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Part one - This week I am wandering once again out of our genre but not too far and for a good reason. I am by no means any sort of music expert, but I do recognize the importance of music to our life and well being. Back on our August 29th show, I told the amazing story of Matthew Whitaker and how his brain adapted for him to become a musical genius and enabled him to overcome blindness and other defects from his birth. Before that on our July 18th show, I talked about 102 year old lyricist Alan R Tripp that brought great music to the world and enjoyment and meaning to life to his retirement community.

For this show I have another amazing story. This is about a jazz singer from New Jersey, Melody Gardot. When she was 19 she was struck by a SUV while riding a bicycle. She sustained head, spinal, and pelvic injuries. She was confined to a hospital bed for a year. Gardot needed to relearn simple tasks and was left over sensitive to light and sound. She suffered from memory loss. The accident damaged the neural pathways between the brain's two cortices that control perception and higher mental function. Gardot’s physician tried using music to help heal her brain. She learned to hum, then sing into a tape recorder and eventually to write songs. Her sensitivity to sound brought her to choose quieter music, closer to our format. Music played a critical role in her recovery. Since that time she has become a Grammy Award nominee and recognized world wide for her incredible talent. Gardot has become an advocate of music therapy and she now visits hospitals and universities to discuss its benefits. The healing effects of music are undeniable. It has been demonstrated that music is one thing Alzheimer’s patients are able to relate to from their past lives. During this pandemic I try to remember that when the world seems to be falling apart that music is capable of bringing the world back together again.  Melody Gardot will release a new album Sunset In The Blue on October 23rd. I am playing an early release from that album titled From Paris With Love.

During the first segment you will also hear Paul Brown, Johnny Britt, and Phillip Doc Martin.

Part two - Billboard top three songs in Smooth Jazz for this week played. 

Part three - new releases from this year continued - Norman Brown, Oli Silk, Kim Waters and Al Degregoris.

Second hour

Part one - turn up the quiet time with five uninterrupted songs in a row.

Part two - favorite songs from the past years of Smooth Jazz.

Part three - classic among classics segment - Rick Braun

Part four - great memories in music segment -  Debby Boone-You Light Up My Life

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