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Lyric writer Alan R. Tripp tells us the secret to a long successful life.

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Part one -  I have a bit of a different opening for this show. I would like to introduce you to someone that totally exemplifies the reason I do this show. We can all learn great things from his philosophy of life. He is 102 year old Alan R. Tripp. He believes the secret to a long successful life is to always try new things. He says “When you are doing something that gives you joy and satisfaction, you don’t get old. Never retire. Retire to something not from something". At his advanced age, he began to write lyrics for songs. In collaboration with performances with other residents of his Pennsylvania retirement community that included jazz pianist Marvin Weisbord, they made an album titled Senior Song Book. The first run of CD’s sold out within days. Their original song that I will play is Never Too Late For Love.

New releases from superstars Euge Groove. Nick Colionne, and Boney James.

Part two - Billboard top three songs in Smooth Jazz for this week played.  

Part three - new releases from this year continued - Brian Culbertson, Kim Waters, Chris Big Dog Davis, Marcus Anderson,  and Al Degregoris. 

Second hour

Part one - turn up the quiet time with five uninterrupted songs in a row.

Part two - favorite songs from the past years of Smooth Jazz.

Part three - classic among classics segment - Peter White

Part four - great memories in music segment - Bette Midler

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