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Very latest releases in Smooth Jazz+ classic old from this format+great memories in music segment

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First hour

Part one - very latest new releases in Smooth Jazz - Nick Colionne, Mariea Antoinette, Blake Aaron, Nora Jones

Part two - Billboard top three songs in Smooth Jazz for this week played. We have a new number one

Part three - new releases from this year continued - Jakob Magnusson, Kim Waters, Carol Albert, Vincent Ingala, Chris  Standring.

Second hour

Part one - turn up the quiet time with five uninterrupted songs in a row.

Part two - favorite songs from the past years of Smooth Jazz

Part three - classic among classics segment featuring Ramsey Lewis

Part four - great memories in music segment  - i will play a song that won three Grammy Awards, a duet by Nat King Cole and his daughter Natalie Cole, a remake of Nat King Cole's hit Unforgettable.

Thank you for your support of this program and KKRN.   

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