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In these troubled times of deep division in our country, Whitney Houston has an importantant message to start our Christmas season

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I have talked in previous programs how lines often cross between smooth jazz and other similar genres. This month I plan to cross these lines further. In view of the fact that currently there is so much dissension and division in our country that our leaders can not seem to get together on anything, I thought that in this season of coming together and caring for others, I would try to bring music styles together and play a wide variety of our very favorite Christmas music through the years with the hope that everyone will enjoy. You will certainly hear smooth jazz. I will also play classic traditional favorites from the crooners of the past, Mannheim Steamroller, some jazz greats,The Celtic Woman, Celine Dion, The Beatles, Vince Guaraldi and David Benoit with music from the Peanuts franchise, and some surprises. At the top of our second hour I will take a break from Christmas and play this week’s Billboard top three in smooth jazz.

The music will begin with a song that fits perfectly the theme I just outlined for this show. One of the most beautiful Christmas songs ever, forever in our hearts, is the fantastic voice of Whitney Houston with One Wish For Christmas.

Thank you for your continuing support of this program and KKRN.

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