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Shout Out To Anton A KKRN Listener From Russia-Music Is A Universal Language That Brings Us Together And Is Shared By Everyone In The World

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Our thanks to Anton, a KKRN listener from Russia, for his email and kind words about how much he likes our station. Anton’s favorite programs are Thom Hartmann,The Bradcast, and listed in the very first position in his email The Smooth Side of Jazz. Way to go Anton. I am very happy you like my program and to have you as a listener.

In these troubled times it is really nice to know that music can help bring together people from around the world and contribute to a universal understanding among different cultures. This is also a reminder to everyone that our local shows are available worldwide 24/7 on computers, tablets, and smartphones from our archives. Complete directions to access my archives are available on this cut and paste link to a YouTube video.


 Any problems or for any reason, I am always available at smoothside@kkrn.org.

Two fabulous brand new albums were released on February 22nd from pianist Keiko Matsui and from guitarist Norman Brown. There is not a bad song on either album and I will be playing all of them over the coming weeks.

The first is from the incredible composer, pianist Keiko Matsui. I saw her live in an amazing performance in Sacramento just over a year ago in December. Seeing her perform was a great treat. It was hard to believe this petite lady could play music that is so powerful and introspective. She truly is a sensational talent. She and her husband financed their first album with their honeymoon money. Keiko is now in the 31st year of her career of songwriting and performing and she has written and recorded an amazing more than 270 songs. This is her first album in three years after her fantastic album Journey To The Heart. That album was written on the grand piano at the Avalon casino after that years Catalina Island Jazz Festival. She will be back playing on the island at the festival this October. Her new album is titled Echo. I will play two songs, the title track and a song that features jazz bass guitarist Kyle Eastwood, son of actor Clint Eastwood.

The other brand new album, The Highest Act Of Love, is from Grammy Award winning guitarist, singer, and producer Norman Brown. He was featured, with lots of information about him, twice on our program, first on program 5 as part of the group BWB and then for his solo career on program 48. I will also play two songs from his brand new album.

In the middle of the first hour will have the Billboard top three songs in smooth jazz for this week.

Also in the first hour I have new singles from trumpeter Cindy Bradley and pianist Nicholas Cole and songs from the first new releases from 2019 in smooth jazz from Jazz Funk Soul and Nelson Rangell.

The second hour is devoted to the classics in smooth jazz. 

The close to this show, our classics among classics segment,  will feature music from the highest selling instrumental musician in history and information on how he ignited his career and he became a superstar overnight.

I would love to hear from you for any reason including requests, comments, suggestions, questions, and yes even criticism. My email is smoothside@kkrn.org. Thank you for listening. 

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