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Music & Info On Movie & TV Star Jeff Goldblum's 3rd Career As A Jazz Pianist & His Reaching #1 Jazz Album With His New Release

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I good deal of the fun doing this program is what I have learned. I have found many interesting stories about the artists that I have tried to pass on to you. None have been more of a surprise and pleasure than my most recent discovery. Last week I left with you a teaser about this. I closed that show with the song It Never Entered My Mind. The pianist was believe it or not movie and television actor Jeff Goldblum accompanied by trumpeter Till Bronner from his orchestra. Goldblum’s movie career began in 1974 with Charles Bronson in Death Wish and his TV career with Peter Falk on Columbo. Since that time he has acted in a great number of productions in both mediums including Jurassic Park and Independence Day. But it is not his acting career that interested me. It turns out that he is an excellent jazz pianist.

When not acting Goldblum can be found every Wednesday night in Los Angeles performing at an intimate jazz lounge, the Rockwell Table & Stage with the Mildred Snitzer Orchestra. This is a wonderful setting where Goldblum supplies his witty humor around the music and interacts with the audience between sets. I found out about this when Goldblum’s group became the new Billboard number one jazz album after the Tony Bennett and Diana Krall album that we have been playing,  Love Is Here To Stay, that topped the charts for an unbelievable eight straight weeks, fell to number two. Goldblum’s new album is an album of live performances titled The Capital Studios Sessions - Jeff Goldblum and the Mildred Snitzer Orchestra. I will play much of this album tonight and in the coming weeks.

This week I will also be playing lots of new releases including the new Michael Buble (his first album in two years), The Count Basie Orchestra featuring Stevie Wonder on the harmonica, Kayla Waters, Acoustic Alchemy, new singles from Brian Culbertson, Maysa, and others.

As always you will hear this week's Billboard top three songs in smooth jazz.

Starting the second hour, first up will be another song from Diana Krall and 92 year old icon Tony Bennett from their new album Love Is here To Stay that topped the charts for an unbelievable eight straight weeks in a row.  Sure to be one of the great celebrated duets of all time this album has been nominated for two Grammys for the album and the song S’Wonderful played on a previous program.

The second hour will also include some great classic songs from smooth jazz. At the end I have a couple of selections from one of the best smooth jazz albums of all time, Twist Of Motown. Many of the brightest stars of smooth jazz participated on this album. 

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