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Aaron Copland's "Quiet City" & Alban Berg's "Lyric Suite"

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January 28, 2017:  With the inauguration of our new president now behind us, as well as so many passionate demonstrations of American unity and patriotism, I thought it would be fitting to present a work by one of America’s pre-eminent 20th century composers, Aaron Copland.  I heard this work only recently myself, and I was taken by the intense feeling of love and patriotism for America this symphony represents.  With that thought in mind, we will hear Copland’s third symphony, subtitled “Quiet City”, including some of Copland’s most popular and familiar melodies.  Then later in the program will be a very different kind of work coming to us from Europe, the Lyric Suite by Alban Berg.  Berg was a strong proponent of the experimental twelve tone movement pioneered by Arnold Schoenberg and others in the early part of the 20th century, and this work vividly captures the nature and character of this movement.  And finally, for a lighter and more “tonal” touch will be the beautiful Adagio and Fugue by Mozart, as well as selections from the sound track from the movie “Botany Bay”.

Hour 1:

Intro:  Mozart-Eine Kleine nacht Musik, (excerpt) [3.05]

Mozart-Adagio and Fugue (English Concert/Andrew Manze)  [6.56]

Copland-Symphony No. 3:  Quiet City (New York Philharmonic Orchestra/Leonard Bernstein)  [43.29]

Hour 2:

Vivaldi-Concerto in B flat for Oboe Violin and Orchestra) (Chamber Orchestra of the Saar/Karl Ristenpart)  [8.21]

Alban Berg-Lyric Suite (Juilliard String Quartet:  Robert Mann and Earl Carlyss, violin; Samuel Rhodes, viola; and Claus Adam, cello)  [30.18]

Botany Bay movie soundtrack [9.24]

Exit:  Soundtrack from “Treasure Planet”

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