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The Down Under Hour 07-10-2024 show 76

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Show 76


Americana, Australian style. American music with roots in early folk and country music, or maybe country tradition and punk attitude.

Intro: Roulette - Dom Mariani and the Majestic Kelp, Underwater Casino, 2003. Dom Mariani has been making fine music for many years in several bands, most notably with The Stems.

El Dorado - Shane Nicholson, the song was on a 2023 compilation album, Halfway Down Under, a tribute to the American singer songwriter Jim Lauderdale.

Monkee On A Wire - Kasey Chambers and Shane Nicholson, from their album Rattlin’ Bones, from 2008, when they were married.

Long May You Run - The Cartwheels, from 2014, their album At Home. A Neil Young song, he did it in 1976, the title track to an album he made with Stephen Stills.

Tell Mama - Collard Greens and Gravy, featuring Ian Collard on harmonica and singing, from their 2018 album.

Nothing But Nice Things - Chris Altmann, the title track to his 2012 LP. He’s settled in Canada these days.  

Letter To Tampa - Nick Charles and Alex Burns, from their 1992 album The Road More Travelled. This version from the compilation Real Australian Blues Volume 1, which came out in 1992.

A set with Tex Perkins.

This Is Not The Way Home - The Cruel Sea, the title track of their 1991 album.

Words From A Woman To A Man - the Beasts of Bourbon, from 1990, the album Black Milk.

I Know You Know I Know - from the Tex Perkins 2009 album Dark Horses.

Stop And Fix It - Dutch Tilders, the opening track to his Live At the Commune 1973 LP.

Don’t Play Guitar Boy -  Geoff Achison, from 2011, his album titled Live at Burrinja Cafe. In his introduction to the song he jokes about stealing guitar licks Dutch Tilders.

Sally And The Preacher - the Audreys, from 2008, the album After The Flood Comes.

When The Levee Breaks - Chris Wilson and Shane O’Mara, from around 1991. It’s from a 30th anniversay re-issue of Chris’s album Landlocked, Faithless and Free.

Outro - Chicken Omelette, by Baby Langston, from their acclaimed 1998 album.


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