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#569 Sons of the Pioneers featuring Ken Carson

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        Ken Carson solos, harmonizes & whistles with the Sons of the Pioneers


Core Trio: Nolan, Spencer & Carson (+ Hugh Farr*, bass, harmonizing)  12/1943 - 1/1946

Home in San Antone  Dec. '43 (solo Ken Carson)

Timber Trail                 Aug. '45*

Cool Water                       "  (solo Bob Nolan)

You'll Be Sorry When I'm Gone          Jan. '46 (solo Tim Spencer)

Perryman returns: March '46 - Jan. '47

Tumbling Tumbleweeds       March '46*

Cowboy Camp Meetin'            "  (solos Carson & Hugh Farr)*

No One to Cry To                      "  (solo Lloyd Perryman)

Everlasting Hills of OK           Aug. '46 (solo Perryman)*

Blue Prairie                            Aug. '46 *                                                                                                    

Will There be Sagebrush in Heaven    Jan. '47  (solo Perryman) 

Core Trio: Nolan, Perryman & Carson Nov.- Dec.  1947

Rounded Up in Glory      (solo Nolan)

Santa Fe, New Mexico  (solo Perryman)*

Down Where the Rio Flows  (solo Perryman, spoken solo in Spanish by Carson)

Red River Valley          (solo Perryman)*

Sentimental, Worried & Blue  (solo Perryman, Carson whistles)

I Still Do                    (solos Carson, Nolan, Perryman)*

There's a New Moon Over Nevada (from a 1944 Roy Rogers film soundtrack: Song of Nevada)

Apache Rose (film title song,  1947)

The Farmer & Adele - Cowhand Lullaby

Fine Time at Our House - Hugh Farr with the Sons of the Pioneers


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