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Bending the Arc: Interview with Chief Bill Schueller

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Redding Police Department has been led by Chief Bill Schueller since October of 2019 and has served the RPD for 30 years. In this episode, he talks about his retirement and plans for the future, reflects on changes, innovations, and accomplishments during his tenure,the physical and emotional toll of police work, the importance of attending to emotional wellness, building trust in the community, current legislation, body cams, data, and more.

During our conversation he mentions a new policy that he hopes will be instituted requiring officers to check in with a therapist at least once a year; officers also have access to the wellness app Cordico.

He also speaks about following SB 50 which would "prohibit a peace officer from stopping or detaining the operator of a motor vehicle or bicycle for a low-level infraction, as defined, unless a separate, independent basis for a stop exists or more than one low-level infraction is observed." 

You can learn more about the RPD here including policies and services.

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