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Piping Hour 5.29.19

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  1. Herve Le Floc'h  - Salute to the 20th Century Master Piper 
  2. Alan Lomax Collection - A' Bhanarach Chaoin 
  3. Scott Garden -  The Thief 
  4. George Clavey - An Antaireachd Ard 
  5. Matthew Turnbull - By the light of the peat fire flame 
  6. Paul Anderson - Lament for the Mighty Norman Anderson 
  7. William Morrison - Lament for the Viscount of Dundee 
  8. Xavier Boderiou - Bag of Fleas reel medley 
  9. Andrew Bonar - Corrienesson's Salute 
  10. James Duncan MacKenzie - Tormod 
  11. William McCallum - The MacFarlane's Gathering
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