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Piping Hour 8.22.18

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  1. Matthew Turnbull   Under the Apricot Tree 
  2. Isla St Clair    Lament for the Commandos 
  3. Allan MacDonald    9/8, strath, jig 
  4. Martyn Bennett   Mary Kelly's Set 
  5. Fiona MacKenzie    MacKay Country 
  6. Angus MacColl     MSR  2004 Northern Meeting 
  7. PM Robert Reid    My Home/Highland Wedding 1936 
  8. William Geddes     The Blind Piper's Obstinancy 
  9. Hamish Moore and Mairi Campbell     Now Westlin Winds 
  10. 227th Argyll & Sutherland PB        MSR 1966 
  11. Jean Redpath   Wee Croodin Doo  
  12. Chris Terry   The Glen is Mine
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