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Piping Hour 8.1.18

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Featured Piper episode #3 with Allan MacDonald

  1. Hirado Hao    Dastirum 
  2. Fhir a Chinn Dubh      Homebound 
  3. Gaelic Air and Reels      Third Piping Centre Series vol 2 
  4. The Red Speckled Bull      Dastirum 
  5. The Voyage of the Coire      Griogair Labhruidh, Dail-riata 
  6. Going to the Eternal Dwelling With You    w/Margaret Stewart, Fhuair Mi Pog 
  7. Port Jean Lindsay      Javier Sanz on harp, Dastirum 
  8. Cameronian Rant    Seudan 
  9. Hioemtra Haentra  Barnaby Brown, Ceol na Pioba 
  10. Adroneline   Homebound 
  11. Duncan MacRae of Kintail's Lament and March of the King of Laoise  Third Piping Centre Series vol 2
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