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We Talk the Thermodynamics of Civilization with Professor Tim Garrett

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Prof. Tim Garrett

Professor Tim Garrett of the Dept. of Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Utah, joins us to discuss the thermodynamic implications of our energy consumption and the possible collapse of civilization that is the result of our Greenhouse Gas by-products.  Are we just a flash in the pan, so to speak?  Listen-in Saturdays, 9am PST on KKRN Community Radio or stream us live at KKRN.org.  Audio of this show below.

12:27pm, 2-13-2016
I seem unable to play this program. Is it ONLY available to be listened to at the 9-1pm slot Feb 13, or is it saved so it can be listened to later as well? I see no link, and "listen" only seems to play the live streaming. Help!
2:53pm, 3-11-2019
after listening to this program, i need to point out that intermittent energy capturing devices like solar and wind are actually not "renewable". they are in fact 100% dependent on the underlying, hydrocarbon powered mining and manufacturing industrial infrastructure for their creation, installation and maintenance.

on a finite & depleted planet, facing "the limits to growth" (1927 MIT research) the ONLY way to slow down our self imposed extinction is to radically curtail breeding and consumption... and since we seem incapable to make those "sapient" decisions by choice, then they will happen by force... which is unlikely to be pretty.

so enjoy these remaining good days because this doesn't end well.
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