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A terrific new song from Sarah McKenzie opens this week’s show

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Our opening song is a terrific piece of work. I continue to follow anything new from composer, pianist and singer Sarah McKenzie. She has graced our show twice with an in person interview and later a follow up telephone interview. I can not say enough superlatives about this young lady, not only because of her immense talent but also because she is simply a genuinely nice person who is willing to open up and share everything about her career and her knowledge of music with us. Sarah is originally from Australia and is now taking the world by storm as she is rapidly becoming an international star. 

I will let Sarah McKenzie’s words describe her latest work. Sarah says and I quote her “This is my tribute to Friedrich Gulda, BLUES FOR GULDA. Friedrich Gulda was an outstanding Austrian pianist who was adept in both classical music and jazz, which I find very inspiring. I am proud and happy that organist and keyboardist Barbara Dennerlein, who performed with him on several occasions, was able to join me for this performance, as well as my long-time collaborators Troy Roberts on tenor sax, Geoff Gascoyne on bass and Donald Edwards on drums.” 

I am playing Sarah’s fabulous new song Blues For Gulda at the beginning of this week’s show. 

Thank you for your support of this program and KKRN.
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