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#389 Music From A Roy Rogers Movie, We Salute Ken Carson, and Much more!

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Western Music Time 

Ride, Cowboy Ride – Rex Allen, Jr. (new, extended version)

Roy Rogers film, Billy the Kid Returns ’38 (Roy’s 2nd film)

When I Camped Under the Stars – Roy Rogers

When the Sun is Setting on the Prairie – Roy Rogers

Sing a Little Song about Anything – Roy Rogers & Smiley Burnette

Born to the Saddle – Roy Rogers

Everything’s Gotta Swing in Texas – Cowboy Joe Babcock from the Cowboy Swing album of the yr 2016

Riders of Destiny theme – movie studio orch

La Rosita – Laurindo Almeida from Somewhere in Sonora

Salute to Ken Carson

Roll Along Covered Wagon - Ranch Boys

Cool Water - Sons of the Pioneers

Along the Santa Fe Trail – Ken Carson with the Sons of the Pioneers

Blue Shadows on the Trail (soundtrack) – Roy Rogers & the Sons of the Pioneers

There’s a Full Moon Over Texas – Ken Carson

Los Ladrones – Doug Figgs

Where Are you? – Sons of the Pioneers

Texas Belle – 3 Trails West (Group of the Year 2016)

Wranglin’ Blues – Andy Parker & the Plainsmen

Closing theme

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