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Down Under Hour show 44 11-22-2023

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Show 44, November 22, 2023
Happy Thanksgiving 

Intro: Roulette - Dom Mariani and the Majestic Kelp, Underwater Casino, 2003.

Write Me A Few Lines - The Backsliders, from the album Live At The Royal, released in 1996. The original was done my “Mississippi” Fred McDowell.

The Desert Blooms Again - Broderick Smith, from his 2018 album Man Out of Time.

The Zombie - C.W. Stoneking, Gon’ Boogaloo, from 2014.

A Handful of Moments - the Dawn Collective, from 2008, an album they made titled Save A Place For Us.

Come Friday Afternoon - by a bunch of folks calling themselves the Pubert Brown Fridge Occurrence, an album titled A Once And Future Thing, which came out in 2004.

Nothing Special - Mark Gillespie, Sweet Nothing is the title of the album, from 1981.

Heavy Change - Liz Stringer, from her 2012 album Warm In the Darkness.

Lost In Amsterdam - the Davidson Brothers, from the 2014 LP Wanderlust. The track is subtitled (Rock Mix).

Love To Rule - the Sunnyboys, from a 1980 EP.

Ravine - the Vandas, off their album Slow Burn, from 2008, featuring Chris Altmann.

Nude School - Painters & Dockers, from a 1987 EP. This version from the 2016 compilation The Glory Days Of Aussie Pub Rock Vol 1.

Away, Away - Weddings, Parties, Anything, from their debut album Scorn of the Women, which came out in1987. This version from the 2016 compilation The Glory Days Of Aussie Pub Rock Vol 1.

Junk - the Gin Club. Although brief, this is the title track to their 2008 album.

Outro: Chicken Omelette, from an album by Baby Langston.


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