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The Down Under Hour show 36 09-27-2023

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Show 36

Broadcast September 27, 2023

Country music, Australian style, according to me

Intro: Roulette - Dom Mariani and the Majestic Kelp, Underwater Casino, 2003.

Weight Of The World - Shane Nicholson, from 2015, his album Hell Breaks Loose.

Twin Guitar Special - Nicky Del Rey and the Slowtown Social Club, off the album Dead Pig Heaven, 2008.

Walk On (You’re Slowly Heading Home) - Chris Altmann, from his 2012 album Nothing But Nice Things. Altmann spends a lot of time in Canada and the US.

Farmer’s Song - Clare Bowditch and Henry Wagons

Goodnight Matron, Hello Jesus - Don Walker and the Working Class Ringos. Both songs are from 2010, a two-CD compilation titled Long Gone Whistle, celebrating the music of the late Maurice Frawley.

Come Home Tonight - Dan Sultan, from 2010, his album Get Out While You Can.

Sally And The Preacher - the Audreys, from 2008, their album When The Flood Comes.

Postcard From Elvis - Tex, Don and Charley, off their album Monday Morning Coming Down, a concert recording from 1995. That’s Tex Perkins, Don Walker and Charley Owen. It’s the same Don Walker who sings on one of the previous songs, Goodnight Matron, Hello Jesus.

My Town - Adrian Kosky, off his 2005 album Dirty White Music.

Maybe She’s In The Next Town - Junior, off their album Restless, from 2002.

You Got To Break Before You Can Bend - the Re-mains, from 2006, the album Thank You For Supporting Country Rock’n’Roll.

Hands On The Wheel - Suzannah Espie, from 2015, her album Mother’s Not Feel Herself Today.

Ghost Town - Paul Kelly and the Messengers, the song was on a 1992 Paul Kelly collection titled Hidden Things.

Always Thinking Of You - Skyscraper Stan And The Commission Flats, from 2015, their album Last Year’s Tune.

Ride Around The World - the Cartwheels, from 2014, their album At Home.

Outro: Chicken Omelette, from an album by Baby Langston.


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