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Scratched Up Radio Theater presents "Will they Let It Burn?" And "The Mirror"

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If you tuned in last week to hear James Robert Strope's "Will They Let It Burn?" and Victoria Pettit's "Mirror", then you know that it didn't air, which was due to a computer glitch on the station's main frame - all the more reason to support our funding for new modern computers. And we want to thank Ernie Bottum for allowing us to run this play in her 3rd Thursday Behind The Curtain time slot.

Although James is new to Scratched Up Radio Theater, he has a vast history of theater production. This new play, previously called "Love In The Apocalypse", it's exactly that, in a post-disaster USA. It stars Jessica Fletcher and John Welsh, both theater directors who each directed themselves.

"The Mirror", from 2019 features Kyle Thompson and Keith Rose. It's about two sides of a young man's psyche's inner turmoil. We hope to hear more from Victoria Pettit.

That's Thursday March 16th at 8 PM on KKRN 88.5, and at kkrn.org.

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