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Record producer and performing guitarist Paul Brown is everywhere. This week in addition to producing many artists new work, we have his new release and his guitar work on some of those other artists work.

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New Smooth Jazz releases continue to pour in. In a few weeks we will have all of the latest Boney James album and brand new albums from Lindsey Webster and Nils. For now I still have a tremendous amount of brand new music to play for you.

So often with recent music, we have seen highly successful record producer and guitarist, Paul Brown performing on new releases of many artists' work for which he is also the producer. And why not? His guitar is a welcome addition that greatly enhances other artists' work. In fact on this week’s show we will hear him on two other artist’s songs plus a selection from his own latest album.

Let’s begin by hearing Paul Brown’s contribution as a producer and on guitar on a new August 5th single release from pianist Carol Albert. Albert since establishing herself as a smooth jazz mainstay in 2017, has unique trademarks of writing and recording songs that both chronicle and express her own emotions and thoughtfully reflect upon the world around her. Albert suffered through a time of extreme difficulty with the death of her husband and that time of her life was reflected in her hit albums Fly Away Butterfly and Stronger Now.  Her new single from her forthcoming album Magic Mirror is titled Paradigm Shift. It powerfully captures the profound shift of consciousness that has collectively taken hold of us in the wake of the pandemic. I am playing pianist Carol Albert and guitarist Paul Brown with that song with a meaningful title, Paradigm Shift.

On August 12th, Billboard-charting keyboardist and composer Mark Etheredge released his latest album “Love Planet,”. It was a new album produced by two-time Grammy® winner Paul Brown. As I just mentioned a short time ago on Carol Albert’s new song, Paul Brown is playing his guitar with everyone these days in addition to having his own new album recently released.  Indeed Paul Brown contributes his guitar work on some songs on Mark Etheredge’s Love Planet album. This album presents ten instrumental contemporary jazz originals composed by Etheredge. Etheredge states' Love Planet is about love for each other, as well as self-love. I am playing the keys of Mark Etheredge and the electric guitar of Paul Brown with Golden Hour.

We have already heard guitarist Paul Brown on this show on Carol Albert's and Mark Etheredge’s songs. I am also playing a selection from his latest album release. He is definitely one of Smooth Jazz’s brightest stars.  As a producer he was a part of over 50 number ones for other Smooth Jazz Artists. Since becoming a performing guitarist, he has charted nine Billboard number ones.  His new album is titled Promised Land. From this great new album, I have the guitar of Paul Brown with his song Wolfpack. 

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