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Light Matters for October 17th 2021 - Cooperacy and your dreams come true

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Today, 2021… We are deciding between a democracy in our government and/or an autocracy.

Something new is happening and I am excited about it.

It is really not new, only to me.  It’s exciting that it is happening in some parts of our country.  This new thing is co-operacy.  Co-ops are springing up around the country and people are learning to work together.

Today, I’ve assembled my team together to discuss this and to play some music around it. I would like to introduce Zza Zza Plinkton from the planet Trilla.  Say something Zza Zza.

ZZA ZZA SPEAKS: On my planet we became aware of the two systems in our government some twenty years ago.  There was a dominator system of aristocracy and a cooperative system of democracy being brought forth.  Many of the dominator/aristocracy believers would not look or listen to any other way of being.  I see some of that going on in your United States now.  I’m happy that your are talking about the cooperative way of running a government.

JD: Thanks’ for being here Zza Zza. We also have Doctor PJ Little, A physicist from the back side of the moon here to discuss what I’m going to call cooperacy.

DR. PJ LITTLE SPEAKS: Thanks for inviting me today JD. On the moon the only thing that ever worked was a cooperative society. When people get emotionally involved in conflict, they cannot cooperate on finding mutually agreeable solutions until they’ve had a chance to make statement about how the conflict made them feel.  Managing conflict is a three way process. First you have to build trust.  Second you have to allow honest talk about FEELINGS. And third we work together towards solutions to the conflict.  Important part of this is working together.

JD: In addition my uncle Bill Humphrey from southern Utah is here.  Say something Bill.

BILL SPEAKS:  thanks for havin’ me here JD.  If you don’t do what Doctor PJ says and learn it becomes like herdin’ cats.  Each person has their own agenda’s and want things to go there way instead of what the group wants.  Their way is most important to man of us old cowboys.  I think that’s the problem.  Many of these old farts say ‘It’s my way or the highway!’

JD: It’s good to have all of you here. I think more and more people are hungering for peace and freedom from oppression is what’s creating this split in our society.  It’ high time for cooperacy.

Zza Zza : That’s what we found out on Trilla some twenty years ago.

Dr. PJ: You know one of your old philosophers had something to say about that.  Why don’t we listen to him now.

JD: You mean Eddie Lawrence.  Okay here he is.

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