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The Scratched Up Players present The Greatest Game Ever Played

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Playwright Joe Graceffo does it again! This time with a play called The Greatest Game Ever Played, directed by John Welsh, on this month's Scratched Up Radio Theater. In 1916, John Heisman's Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets took on Cumberland University - but Cumberland didn't even have a football team!

You can listen to it NOW at http://kkrn.org/broadcasts/3929

The cast features Michael Osa as the narrater, Dustin Davis as George Allen, Don Tamblyn as John Heisman, Chloe Freeland as Suzanne, Don Cingrani as Poindexter, Bob Christensen as Dr. Hill, John Welsh as Myron, Ian Dalziel as Grantland Rice and Reporter #3, Micah Duclos as Edward and Player #1, Randy Compton as Reporter #2, and Jim Dowling as the Referee and Reporter #1. Your host is Dickie Magidoff, and technical producer is Lili Dubois.

Find out how this monumental game played out, on Thursday August 12th at 8 PM, only on KKRN 88.5 FM, and on kkrn.org, or by playing the audio recording below.

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