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"Spare My Brother, Part Two" - Scratched-Up Radio Theater

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On Thursday May 24th, Part Two of "Spare My Brother" written and directed by Jim Dowling aired on KKRN. You can hear it online at

In 1892 John and Charles Ruggles held up a stagecoach in Shasta County, with disastrous results. As they sit in their jail cells, disturbing events start to develop.

The cast of Spare My Brother consists of:
Nick Brown as John Ruggles
Spencer Deardorf as Charles Ruggles
Dickie Magidof as Sheriff (Tom)
Elsie Ritchie as Linda
Terri Orwig as Lilly
Kaxia Wilkins as Hannah
Bob Christiansen as Gus Hickman
Ragan Ragan as Missouri Bob
Elsie Ritchie as Hiram
Joe Graceffo as Emmett
Linda Ragan as Samantha Little (reporter).

"The Ballad Of John Ruggles" performed by Bob Christensen, lyrics
and engineering by Lili DuBois.

"The Hanging Tree" performed by Jennifer Lawrence.

Below is Part Two of Spare My Brother.

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