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With Good Reason

    • Every Fridays, 8:30am9:00am

    Each week on With Good Reason, our ever-curious host
    Sarah McConnell takes you along as she examines a wide range of topics
    with leading scholars. Featured guests have included Julian Bond discussing race in America, Bruce Greyson sharing his study of near death experiences, Mike Seeger exploring American folk music, Aniko Bodroghkozy tuning in on sixties television, Bryan Caplan on the “myth of the rational voter,” Nikki Giovanni reading from her poetry, and Nobel Prize winning author Toni Morrison
    You may discover the traditions of the samurai warrior, hear about the
    ways we pre-judge others based on their accents, or laugh at the
    surprising history of Hawaiian shirts.

    It is produced by the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities
    for the Virginia Higher Education Broadcasting Consortium and is
    broadcast on public radio stations in Alaska, Colorado, Florida,
    Georgia, Hawaii, Indiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Mexico, New York,
    Ohio, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and Washington DC.

    With Good Reason has won five Gabriel Awards for Best
    Documentary or Public Affairs Programs and is also the recipient of top
    honors from the Public Radio News Directors, Radio and Television
    Digital News Association and the Virginia Association of Broadcasters.

    With Good Reason
    4:00pm, 8-8-2017