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Special feature. Have you heard of this one of a kind musician, exuberant violinist Papa John Creach. Probably only if Craig Chaquico is listening. + lots of brand new releases. Click for info.

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Trumpet and flugelhorn player Cindy Bradley has been releasing great albums since 2009. She has charted eight Billboard number ones. Her powerful and charismatic performances are in much demand. Cindy is well known for giving back by conducting hundreds of jazz workshops at high schools and community colleges, encouraging young people to develop their passion for music. June 10th she released her latest, a single that has already entered the charts. I am playing the trumpet of Cindy Bradley with that single titled Drive.

New music from Marcus Anderson, Chris Standring, Matt Lee, Brian Culbertson and more.

Let’s close this week with an artist you all have most likely not heard anywhere in northstate before unless Craig Chaquico happens to be listening. More about Chaquico in a moment.  Papa John Creach has been gone for almost thirty years. He was known as the exuberant violinist. Early in his career he performed with many greats including Louis Armstrong and Nat King Cole. In 1970 he was invited to play with Jefferson Airplane and Hot Tuna. He stayed with Jefferson Airplane in 1974 when it reorganized as Jefferson Starship, a band with which northstate’s Craig Chaquico was the lead guitarist. Later on during my years in San Diego, it was my pleasure to attend Creach’s live performances at a jazz club named Elario’s on the top floor or a hotel in La Jolla. Creach truly could make his violin sing like no one I ever heard. After one of his performances, my wife and I were blessed to catch the same elevator down and to have a chance to have a brief conversation with him. Memories I will never forget. The show closes with a double listen to this one of a kind artist that we will never see the likes of again.   Papa John Creech plays the violin and sings Bumble Bee Blues followed by his violin rendition of Over The Rainbow.

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