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The Hayride

    • Sundays, 1:00pm2:00pm
    ‘The Hayride’ has been aired on public radio as a roots
    music program since 2006 and is presented by Public Radio Exchange (www.prx.org). This show presents bluegrass,
    stringband, folk, alternative country, rockabilly, countrypolitan punk, classic
    country, country jazz, mountain, spoken word poetry and more for a vital mix of
    the traditional and not so traditional Sound that continues to captivate radio
    audiences all over North America. ‘The Hayride’ has been broadcast regularly in
    Texas, California, Oregon, Montana, Wyoming, Iowa, Tennessee and elsewhere.

    Feel free to contact me about playlists and information
    regarding this show.


    Host: Dan Wargo

    www.prx.org / danielwwargo2017@gmail.com

    The Hayride
    1:00pm, 8-6-2017