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New work from a local group Honeybee + A look at the artist most responsible for holding Smooth Jazz together during the pandemic, Rick Braun

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I am starting things off with a new release from a local group that you can see playing live performances around Redding. Honeybee is a Dynamic duo comprised of husband and wife Martha and Morgan Hannaford. Only on rare occasions have I played local artists simply because my station colleague Craig Boyer on his show The Eclectic Hour does an excellent job interviewing and playing music from the talented artists that reside and perform locally. For full information about and music from Honeybee, go to KKRN.org, scroll down to the pictures under Local Shows. Click on Craig Boyer’s Eclectic Hour and you will find a very interesting playable interview he did with Honeybee on his June 12th show.

Honeybee released the album Head In The Clouds in October 2020. Unfortunately Martha and Morgan Hannaford lost their home during the Carr Fire. They were playing a gig out of town and a friend was able to rescue their horse. The horse of course did not know where it was or what was happening. This song in Martha’s words reflects how situations come your way and you have to make the best of them and sometimes you just have to drop the bridle and let the horse run free. I am playing Honeybee's original song,  they wrote, Run Free.

For this week's featured artist segment, I thought it was appropriate to look at the artist that was most responsible for keeping Smooth Jazz front and center for over a year after all live performances were cancelled by the pandemic. With his wife Christiane’s help , his son Kyle’s internet expertise, and his daughter Emma’s dancing ability, trumpeter Rick Braun hosted free weekly YouTube shows right from his living room on Rick’s Cafe Live. There has never been anything like it. Rick’s easy going, outstanding personality brought out the best from his guests which included many of the top names from our format. In addition to outstanding musical performances, we were treated to up close in person stories and information that simply had never before been available before. These shows were definitely nirvana for Smooth Jazz fans. Rick is very much a devoted family man so I will start this segment's music with a song he wrote for his beautiful wife. From his 2009 album All It Takes I will play Christiane.

Thank you for your support of this program and KKRN.

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