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Jazz artist Sarah McKenzie telephone interview with us - She tells us interesting information about her music career

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This week I have for you a truly exceptional show because  we have with us an extraordinary guest,  jazz pianist, jazz singer, composer and international star Sarah McKenzie. Also this week as I  promised last week, after we talk to Sarah,  I will continue from where I ran out of time last week and play for you the remainder of Billboard’s number one songs from 2020. We will also hear this week’s Billboard top three songs in Smooth Jazz and play some of my personal favorite songs from last year. It turned out to be an awesome year for new releases and I love hearing the best of them again.

No better place to start a show than with Sarah McKenzie.

We were so fortunate to have such an acclaimed and famous artist  in our Redding studio just over one and one-half years ago to do an interview for this show. I can not say enough superlatives about this wonderful young lady. She gave detailed and interesting answers to everything I asked. She has led such an interesting life and was certainly able to speak at length about it all. We learned so much about music through her wonderful stories and her experiences. In fact every time since then that I have listened to that interview, I have learned more and have come up with additional ideas for this program. Her career is truly a remarkable story and I am so grateful  she shared it with us.

Thank you for your support of this program and KKRN.

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