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The guitar of local musician Dano Moreno + latest new releases in Smooth Jazz + vastly different renditions of the song Misty

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Part one -  I am opening the music on this program with a local artist. I have not often played much work from the very fine local musicians in our area. In the past I have played Jimmy Limo, Allison and Victor, and Charles Valona.  By way of apology, the reason for this lack of play is simply that these artists are much better covered by my colleagues, two other programmers at this station. Their interviews with these artists along with their music are outstanding programs. 

Craig is the host of The Eclectic Hour at 3 on Saturdays and 11 to noon Tuesdays and Shane hosts Local Motion at noon Fridays. As with all KKRN programs, they are available  24/7 at KKRN.org.  I do not know a whole lot about the local artist I am playing on this program other than he is a guitarist  and his name is Dano Moreno. But that is OK because if you want to know more about him or hear more of his music check out Craig’s interview of him in our archives. Contact me at SmoothSide at KKRN.org if you have trouble finding it. 

I also  have new releases from Euge Groove, Paul Brown, and Norman Brown.


Part two - Billboard top three songs in Smooth Jazz for this week played.  We have a new number one this week.

Part three - new releases from this year continued -  Boney James, Nils, Kim Waters, and Eric Darius.

Second hour

Part one - turn up the quiet time with five uninterrupted songs in a row.

Part two - favorite songs from the past years of Smooth Jazz.

Part three and part four - classic among classics segment and great memories in music segment - the same song Misty for both segments but vastly different renditions. One is by Jazz great Errol Garner and one is by Johnny Mathis.

Thank you for your support of this program and KKRN. 

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