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Piping Hour 6.24.20

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  1.  Corp. Neil MacNaughton - Flowers of the Forest
  2.  Ian Anderson - In Flander's Fields
  3.  Hugh MacCallum  - Air and 9/8 marches
  4.  The Corries - Green Fields of France
  5.  William MacCallum - The Unjust Incarceration
  6.  Dick Gaughan - Why Old Men Cry 
  7.  Margaret Stewart and Allan MacDonald - Kiss of the Kings Hand
  8.  Calum Cameron - Annie MacLeod
  9.  Ian Anderson and Dougie Pincock - MacCrimmon Will Never Return
  10.  Flora MacNeil - Have you seen Ronald or Allan?
  11.  David Mason - Salute to Angus MacDonald of the Great Divide

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