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Piping Hour 2.26.20

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  1. Angus MacLellan -   Lament for MacDonald of Kinlochmoidart 2 
  2. Heather Heywood-  The Fisherman’s Wife 
  3. PM Donald MacLeod - Slow air & Hornpipe 
  4. Lorne MacDougall - Lament for Small Isles Bay 
  5. Donald MacPherson - Salute to the Birth of Rory MacLeod 
  6. Donnie Murdo MacLeod - Oh I like, I do like 
  7. William Livingstone-  Hornpipes & Jigs
  8. Hamish Moore - MSR 
  9. Strathclyde Police PB -  Slow air, Hornpipe, Jig 1983 
  10. Iain Speirs  - Good Health to You Donald
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