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Late Night Poetry Jam features Dr. Waleed Salameh, poet and clinical psychologist

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Waleed Anthony Salameh, Ph.D., is a licensed clinical psychologist, writer, and published poet.  He is the author of two poetry volumes:  "Mediterranean Love Canticles" and "Oriental Epopee."  He is the winner of the Hamilton Short Story  Prize and the Milton Erickson Institute of San Diego Scholarly Author Award. His poetry has been published in poetry magazines, and he has authored and co-edited 6 published books in the field of psychotherapy that have been translated into four languages including "Humor and Wellness in Clinical Intervention," published by Praeger Books.  He lives and writes in San Diego, California.  His poetic work focuses on amplifying lyricism as a channel for self-discovery, celebrating the transformative power of diversity, and finding personal salvation through poetry.

Host:  Pamela Spoto

Engineer:  Shane Houchins

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