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"Dig This! Music with a Message" focuses on Mother Earth with Host Craig Boyer

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Host Craig Boyer plays songs focusing on Mother Earth. Following each song, Craig Boyer and Pamela Spoto  comment on the message.

Shane Houchins engineers the show.

The Song List:

1. Let's Take Our Heads Out Of The Sand  by: Bob Wickline

2. My Medicine  by: Erick Hansen

3. Paradise  by: John Prine

4. Power by: Peter, Paul & Mary

5. Something In The Rain  by: Tish Hinojosa

6. The Pill  by: Pete Seeger

7. Big Yellow Taxi (The Parking Lot Song)  by Joni Mitchell

8. This Land  by: Woody Guthrie & Performed by John McCutcheon, Maria Muldar, Tom Paxton & Willy Nelson

9. What A Wonderful World  performed by: Louie Armstrong

10: Leviathan  by: John McCutcheon     

11:26pm, 3-5-2018
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